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Welcome to home of

 Gum Busters Newfoundland which is a Division of Hanlon Services

Gum Busters Newfoundland are 

"The Gum Removal Specialists"...we can remove gum from any surface.

 Attention Restaurants And

 Business Owners:  

We can clean and degrease your Restaurant exhaust hoods and exhaust system. We clean the whole system from the hood to the roof!!! 

We are 100% Certified, Trained and insured to NFPA 96 standards for ventilation control fire protection of commercial cooking operations! 

We also specialize in Graffiti Removal. We can remove it from most surfaces (without damaging the surface below).

Gum Removal

Tile Grout Cleaning

Graffiti Removal


Gum Busters...

Exhaust Hood/ Exhaust System Cleaning and Degreasing.


Gum Busters...

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